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Why Us

We have more than 20 years experience in taking Class 3 medical devices from concept to clinical and commercial products.

How We Help

We provide mechanical design, electronics design, systems integration, and manufacturing to help you bring your product to market on time for your patients.

Experience the Difference

We focus our development and manufacturing with your priorities.  Whether it is improving reliability, improving the patient or clinician ergonomics, or reducing the cost of goods, we can help you succeed.


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Our Services

Design Review

Do you have new product and are looking for expertise to evaluate and test the mechanics or electronics design?


Device Development

Do you have a new product that needs to be prototyped or go through formal design controls so that it meets your requirements and is approvable by regulatory agencies? 

GMP Manufacturing

Do you have a critical product that you need produced by experts that can manage the supply chain, manufacturing and testing so your patients receive  a safe and reliable device?

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DesignPlex Biomedical LLC

3425 Clayton Road East, Fort Worth, Texas 76116, United States

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